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About Us

MISIRLI realizes the dream of becoming a brand of modern and contemporary women by using the distinctive elements of its 69 years of knowledge to improve fashion and society, protect the environment, respect ethical values and promote culture.

Its bond with art and culture is an integral part of MISIRLI's corporate identity, which allows MISIRLI to understand and interpret the changes in society and to encourage new ways of development. Art in MISIRLI is the primary source of inspiration that has a positive impact on people's life and the development of society in general.

Our belief in creating a sustainable world is that every action we take adopts the goal of a meaningful change and provision of progress for both our business and our society rather than a moral obligation.

Creating ethical, fair, safe and healthy conditions for our employees, MISIRLI consumers and all our stakeholders, and investing in the future of the world and fashion are among the priorities of MISIRLI. Our business system that supports creativity acts with the awareness that the most valuable source of inspiration for the development of fashion is the human factor.

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